Interaction with Dolphins

Dolphins & Kids Interaction Program: a chance to meet a dolphin in person

At Istanbul Dolphinarium our guests of all ages can have an unforgettable new adventure! It is possible now to touch, hug and play together with the true stars of our shows – enchanting bottlenose dolphins. Moreover, to enjoy this exciting opportunity, now the participants of this program do not have to be able to swim…

Our "Interaction with Dolphins" program was created aiming mainly the children aged 4-12 years who can not swim. However, the adults that are not very confident swimmers can enjoy this program as well. Each of the 10 min. sessions is run under the supervision of our professional dolphin trainers, who are experienced in work with children. The participants will be seated on a platform by the side of the show pool and will be able to interact closely with the dolphins without having to go inside the pool. "Interaction with Dolphins" program can be done individually or in small groups up to 3 persons.

The people, who join "Interaction with Dolphins" program will:

- Learn interesting facts about dolphins' physiology, habits, social behavior, and learning abilities from our trainers;
- Greet the dolphins, hug and touch them;
- Play various games with the dolphins, just like our trainers do during the show;
- Listen to the dolphins' song.  

To join our program, you will have to make a reservation. Do not forget to bring the swimming suites, clean slippers and towels with you. Since our program takes place on the platform by the pool side (without entering the pool) we do not provide swimming arm-lets, life buoy, diving suites, etc. Together with not being necessary, we allow the kids to wear their own safety vest.