How can I reach Istanbul Dolphinarium by public transport?

- The closest public bus stops to Istanbul Dolphinarium are called “Çeltik” and “Sakarya Mahallesi”. You can find the list of the buses that pass these stops at this page. Many buses depart from Eminonu area from the stop that is located on the left-hand side of Galata Bridge. Also you can take a minibus that departs from Aksaray metro station exit and goes to Alibeykoy – Yeşilpınar areas.

How can I reach Istanbul Dolphinarium by private transport or taxi?

- We are located on the bank of Golden Horn Bay (Haliç) in the district of Eyüp. That is why if you are coming by any major highway you should use Eyüp exit. To reach our parking lot you should use the side road which you enter crosswise Eyüp State Hospital. You can find a google map with exact location here.

Do I need a reservation for visiting Istanbul Dolphinarium individually or as a small family/friends group?

- For our daily show there is no need to reserve the tickets in advance if you are planning to come individually or as a small group (less then 20 people). Our tribunes have a capacity of almost 1000 pax, so there is no possibility of a sold-out. Also, since the seats on the tribunes are not numbered, it is not possible to reserve a particular seat/row. However if you are planning to participate in our swimming, interaction or diving program you need to reserve the time in advance.

Is a reservation in advance needed for the big groups (school, company, etc.)?

- If your group is more than 20 people please call or e-mail us and make a reservation in advance.

Do the bad weather conditions affect the operation of Istanbul Dolphinarium?

- Since our show pool and hall with tribunes are located inside an indoor area, the operation of our facility is not affected by the weather conditions.

What are the conditions for swimming with dolphins?

- First of all, a person who wants to participate in our swimming program should be able to swim well without any support – our pool is 5 m deep and no supporting devices such as vests or collars are allowed. The children that are to be accepted to the swimming program have to be over 10 years old in winter season and over 6 years old in summer season. Due to the safety issues, pregnant women are not accepted to the swimming program. Finally, the one who would like to swim with the dolphins must be in a good physical and mental condition, and not carry any contagious disease.

How long does the show last?

- Our show lasts for approximately 1 hour.

I want to have a close encounter with the dolphins, but I can not swim – what should I do?

- For those who can not swim Istanbul Dolphinarium suggest a very special program – “Interaction with dolphins”. This program can be enjoyed by the people of all ages, not just kids. You can find detailed information about this program as well as its prices here.

Can I take photos or videos during the show or the other activities?

- Yes, you can take the photo or video during our show, swimming or interaction program – but you should remain on your seat at tribunes while doing this and also please do not use the flash. At the same time there is a professional photographer at our facility that can take the pictures of you together with our finned stars right after the show or during swimming and interaction programs.

Do you accept credit cards?

- Our ticket office and café do accept credit cards that have a PIN code. The cards authorized by signature unfortunately are not accepted. Also, it is advised to have some amount of cash in Turkish Liras on you in case that there is any problem with your credit card.

Is the information on your web-site up to date?

- Our web-site is updated on the regular basis, so if there are any changes in schedule or prices they are always published here.

What are the operating hours of Istanbul Dolphinarium?

- We are accessible by phone or e-mail 7 days a week from 09:00 to 18:00 but we are open to public visits only in accordance with our show schedule. The hours for swimming, diving or interaction programs vary according to the state of bookings. So if you are planning to participate in any of these programs, please call or e-mail us in advance and book your time.