Istanbul Dolphinarium was designed and constructed to meet the needs of marine mammals and to ensure the internationally defined conditions for their well-being. Our facility is located on the picturesque shore of Golden Horn Bay and is surrounded by a park and green areas. Right in front of the facility there is our own parking lot with the capacity for 120 vehicles – our guests can use it free of charge. Also there are public bus stops within 5 min walking distance.

In addition to our large indoor show hall that has amphitheatre tribune featuring standard and VIP areas, our facility houses the gift shop and the café.

The café of Istanbul Dolphinarium has a 60-persons indoor capacity and a garden with 60-persons outdoor capacity. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee or cold beverages and various snacks before or after our show together with your family and friends.

Besides, you can use Istanbul Dolphinarium’s café for your special events like birthday parties, school proms, or engagement ceremonies and also corporate events. For student or business groups there are special menus available. We can also arrange table and/or area decoration as well as some additional animation like clowns and other performances to add colors to your event.