Social Projects

Our Social Responsibility Projects:

We have been continuing our Social Responsibility projects without a break since our opening day! We hosted many of our guests free of charge at Istanbul Dolphinarium, gave them the opportunity to get to know the world of magical marine mammals closely, and explained the importance of protecting nature by giving them an environmental perspective. A large number of these children are mentally or physically disabled, and a visit to the Dolphinarium has enriched their social life and has been shown to be an equal part of society. Disabled children were brought to the Dolphinarium in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Health and Social Services Department Disabled People Directorate, Eyüp Municipality, Istanbul Governorship Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies, many Rehabilitation and Special Education Centers, foundations and associations. In addition to disabled children, we also did not forget the children of many low-income families – we organized their visits together with Eyüp Municipality, Turkey Education Volunteers Foundation and IEM Drug Abuse Prevention and Monitoring Bureau of the Anti-Narcotic Crimes Branch Directorate.
Do not think that we only offer the opportunity to watch our show to children from Istanbul: within the scope of our social responsibility projects, we also host our guests from other cities of Turkey at Istanbul Dolphinarium. We tried to make the earthquake victims forget their pain as much as we could, and we continue to work together with our finned stars. Apart from that, we organized a free trip for a group of students from Diyarbakır in cooperation with Diyarbakır Provincial Police Department Security Branch Directorate and Istanbul Governorship. In order to raise morale, we invited the children from Siirt, who are being treated at the Department of Pediatric Hematology, IU Faculty of Medicine, to meet marine mammals closely. Social Responsibility Projects are an important part of our business – we will continue to carry them out. And we would like to thank all the above-mentioned institutions that support us in this mission.

We Met with Disabled Children!
Since our opening, hundreds of disabled children have had the opportunity to watch the magnificent show of cute heroes of Istanbul Dolphinarium. Students from all disabled schools in Istanbul watched the free show we organized together with the Istanbul Directorate of National Education. This special show was also attended by Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu, deputy governor Harun Kaya, Provincial Director of National Education Dr. Muammer Yıldız, district guidance research center directors and school principals participated. Additionally, pop artist Levent Dörder added color to our show with his songs.
Director of National Education Muammer Yıldız said that they organized such a program to show that people with physical disadvantages are not forgotten and said, “I am very happy to be a part of such an organization. "I would like to thank you, the valuable families who have endured all the trouble and come here," he said.
Rehabilitation seminar with dolphins (29 October 2010)
The rehabilitation program with dolphins offered by Istanbul Dolphinarium attracts the attention of international professionals. Gotthilf Voehringer Schule – Zieglersche vocational school in Germany, which trains therapists and social workers in various branches, included Istanbul Dolphinarium in its educational tour introducing Turkey's rehabilitation and therapy centers to students. To make their visit more productive, 12 students were given a free seminar on rehabilitation with dolphins.
Governor's Visit (21 JANUARY 2010)
Organized by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, a dolphin show was performed at our facility for 500 students throughout Istanbul. Members of the press also showed great interest in the demonstration, attended by the Governor of Istanbul, Mr. Muammer GÜLER, the Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education, Mr. Muammer YILDIZ, and the District Governor of Eyüp, Mr. Osman KAYMAK. Students who came to Istanbul Dolphinarium had pleasant moments. After the performance, the picture drawn by the white whale and a desk pen holder in the shape of a glass dolphin were presented to the Governor of Istanbul, Muammer Güler. Governor Güler stated that he liked the show very much, thanked the Provincial Director of National Education Muammer Yıldız for providing this opportunity to the students, and congratulated the students for the report cards they will receive tomorrow.

April 23 Dolphin Shows
A celebration was held at the Yunus Show Center on April 23... A celebration was also held at the Yunus Show Center on April 23. The program attended by our Deputy Governors Harun KAYA, Mustafa ALTINTAŞ, Provincial Deputy Director of National Education Mucip KINA, Beykoz District Branch Manager Birol ÇAM and CEP students was exciting for the students who saw it for the first time. 1000 Catch-Up Classroom Education Program (CEP) Students (the program that educates children who could not go to school for various reasons) and 200 guest students from Georgia, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania celebrated April 23 National Sovereignty Children's Day with their friends at the Istanbul Dolphinarium Dolphin Show Center. The extraordinary features of the whales, walruses and dolphins at the Dolphin Performance Center and the shows they performed were met with interest by the students.
Our Deputy Governors Harun KAYA, Mustafa ALTINTAŞ, Provincial Deputy Director of National Education Mucip KINA, Beykoz District Branch Manager Birol ÇAM, Provincial CEP Coordinators Selim TOPAL, Mustafa USLU, Provincial MEM R&D Unit Member İrfan DANIŞMAZ, Chief Süleyman ÇAY and many School Administrators, teachers and The program attended by the students made the students experience a holiday within the holiday. The show was also covered by media organizations in their main news bulletins.